Friday, October 24, 2008

What if?

What if going fast, meant you would finish last?
Would being in first, actually be the worst?
And the best would be slow? Nobody can know.....nobody can know

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Clock of Life

Tick tock goes the clock of life,
as I live another day without a wife, in strife.
how many days do I have left?
I cannot seem to get rid of this cleft, in my chin.
My misery stems from a war within.
I slept another day away,
tinfoil on my window to protect me from the suns happy ray.

Oh happy rays of sun, do you have any light that I can borrow?
To save me from this misery and sorrow?
If not today, then maybe perhaps tomorrow?
Its neither my row, nor your row, but our row.

Tis October now, the season of fear,
my destination unknown, its so hard to steer.
Even though your whisper, I may not hear,
while wishing these chips were crisper, I shed a tear.

My life is like a vessel in a tempest sea,
why won't you nestle up to me?
As I wrestle this beast that wont leave me be,
you have been my trestle in this stormy sea.

Come back, I plead on bended knee,
without you near, forlorn shall I be.